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Writing Books

I'm writing books! I sent one to a publisher! I haven't heard back yet, and they might reject it, so I'm not exactly a published author --- just a very excited aspiring author.

My aspiration is to write a series of true stories about myself and Min, and get them published as picture books. So far, I've written the bumblebee story, the locked door story and the story about the thing that went, "Bap!", and I have a fourth in mind that I've told several times, about the double-decker bus.

I'm not sharing the text of the Tamias and Min stories because first I need to learn more about the etiquette of the publishing world, what to share and how so that publishing the stories as print books remains a viable business proposition. In the meanwhile, I'm happy to tell any of them in real time, to anyone who'd like to listen.

I've had difficulty finding kids' books that are free of school themes. The unschooling market may be tiny, but I know it's not saturated. I'm looking forward to writing more true stories about us and our lives as Min grows up. Maybe the later ones will be chapter books.

I really appreciate The Education of Little Tree, the only kids' book about an unschooled kid that I can think of that's set in modern times. That gives me an idea. While this webpage waits for real books by Tamias Nettle to be published, it can host a list of books that Tamias appreciates: